Lucid Motors Launches First Electric Vehicle

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Whether you’re looking to get a new car, or simply want to learn more about how you can improve your existing vehicle, there are many things to consider when buying a new car. For example, you may want to think about what you’re going to be putting inside your car. You’ll also want to think about the range and battery pack. In addition, you’ll want to think about the ADAS technology and the design of the interior.

ADAS technology

Despite the launch of its first production vehicle, Lucid Motors has not yet revealed a great deal about its DreamDrive ADAS platform. The company has shared information about the system’s initial functionality, and hinted at an upgrade that could be introduced in the future.

Lucid’s perception system has 32 sensors that provide a 360-degree view of the vehicle, including four surround view cameras and five radar units. The system is said to be the most advanced in the segment. It also has four corner radars, which can be used for blind-spot monitoring and cut-in detection.

Interior layout and design

tidbit, the most expensive car on the Lucid Motors roster is the all electric Air. Despite its sizable price tag, it is a well-rounded vehicle that is capable of performing a cross town jaunt in the blink of an eye. Its biggest selling point is that its aft passenger seating isn’t cramped and crowded. It also has a surprisingly large boot compartment. Considering its small size, Air is easy to park. It also gets you to and from the office with relative ease. Its got a nifty touch screen, a slick infotainment center and plenty of space for a cushy snooze.

Battery pack

Using an integrated suite of sensors, Lucid’s electric vehicles provide data about their own performance, including how far they can go on a single charge. They’re also capable of venting heat away from passengers. Lucid claims this is a first.

The aforementioned 111 kilowatt-hour battery pack is a smidgen larger than claimed. The company also has plans to release a more affordable version of its flagship with a smaller battery pack. Lucid’s first vehicle is still a few years away, but the company has already been experimenting with energy storage systems for commercial customers.


Several months ago, Lucid Motors announced plans to make an all-electric sedan that could go over 500 miles on a single charge. Now the car’s range has officially been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Lucid Motors’ Air Dream Edition, which was originally estimated to be capable of 500 miles, has achieved the official EPA range rating of 520 miles. That makes it the first electric car ever to reach that mark. The car was driven from Los Angeles to San Francisco without stopping for fuel.

Lucid also recently announced that they have built more than 100 near-final quality versions of the car in Arizona. These vehicles will begin to roll off the production line later this year. Lucid plans to build 90,000 to 100,000 vehicles per year. They’ll also expand production to Europe in the first half of 2022.