3 Tips To Get The Best Desk Lamp You Can Buy

Everyone is more or less confused before buying a table lamp. What brand is cost-effective? What do the various parameters on the lamp mean? Strobe? color rendering index?

I hope this article can clear up your confusion, it would be great if it helped you~


Illuminance is the intensity of light, which refers to the luminous flux of visible light received per unit area.

According to the lighting standard value stipulated in the national architectural lighting design standard, the recommended value is 300 lx, which is the illuminance suitable for writing and reading. Best brightness: 400lm・500lx, with better dimming function.

2.Color temperature

In layman’s terms, color temperature is what we usually call “cold” light and “warm” light. Relatively speaking, the higher the color temperature value, the cooler and brighter the color of the light will be, which will make people more focused, while warm light will give people the feeling of a warm home.

Studies have shown that a color temperature of 4000K is the most suitable for human reading and writing. Most desk lamps now support adjustable color temperature modes of different gears.

3.Color rendering index

The color rendering index is the color rendering ability of the light source to the object. The higher the index, the better the color of the object itself; the lower the index, the darker the color.

This is why, the same thing we encounter in life will have a certain degree of chromatic aberration under different lights.

Best color temperature: 2,500~6,000K, it is better to have color matching function.


Blue light refers to short-light blue waves with wavelengths between 400nm and 480nm. Among them, the blue light of 400nm~440nm is harmful to the eyes. Excessive blue light will also cause chemical damage to the human retina, and these damages are irreversible.

The light sources in daily life basically contain blue light, so this aspect is a consideration when purchasing desk lamps. Try to buy desk lamps with no or low blue light.

How to maintain the lamp?

In this regard, many students may not care too much. Basically, the lamp power is used up, and it will be recharged when it is used again next time, including me.

Fortunately, the life of the LED charging desk lamp light source (light tube) is relatively long. If it is not overvoltage or short circuit, it will generally not burn out.

  • Don’t wait until the lamp power is used up before choosing to charge it, you can charge it with a small amount of power left.
  • There should be no moisture and impurities around the lamp. If found, clean it up in time.
  • Lamps should be used frequently, if not used for a long time, recharge it every 3 months, otherwise it will reduce the battery life.

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