4 Unique and Best Lamps Design of 2022

This article shares the 4 most popular lamp designs in 2022.

OE Quasi Light

  • Design by Olafur Eliasson
  • Brand丨Louis Poulsen

Artist Olafur Eliasson wanted to explore complex mathematical geometry with this large chandelier. It is nested with two geometric shapes – an aluminium outer layer of a complex icosahedron and an inner layer of the dodecahedron.

“What sets it apart from other lamps is that it emits light towards the core and then reflects the light into the surrounding environment,” explained the designer. “Thanks to this alternative form, the chandelier combines precise design with high quality. lighting combined.”

Ripple Ceiling Light

  • Design丨BIG
  • Brand丨Artemide

Following the success of the Tree of Light, architecture studio BIG has once again collaborated with Artemide. Their latest collaboration is a circular ceiling light lighting system that can be arranged in clusters.

These lights can have attachments on top to diffuse light or create acoustic damping to reduce noise in a space, making them ideal for office lighting.

Pagina Wall Lamp

  • Design by Alessandra Dallagiovanna
  • Brand丨Davide Groppi

While not the most visually striking light Davide Groppi has launched this year, this almost invisible wall light is certainly a more innovative and disruptive design.

Although it looks like paper, it is actually made of a specially developed material with tiny suction cups, which means it can move infinitely around the wall. The LED bulb inside looks a bit like a pen.

Bird desk lamp

  • Design by Bernhard Osann
  • Brand丨Nemo

A clever counterweight design creates a delicate balance on this table lamp, and the slender body is movable and can be balanced in any position on the stand. The name Bird also hints at its unique design connotation.

German designer Bernhard Osann said: “This lamp was born out of bold experimentation and a flexible use of the laws of nature. It perfectly balances the seemingly impossible, as if it were alive.”

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