Suspended in Style: Exploring the Artistry of Formakami


Formakami is a Japanese lighting brand that has gained significant popularity across the world. The brand’s unique style can be attributed to the combination of traditional Japanese materials and modern design techniques. Perhaps the most popular product from Formakami is their Suspension lights. These lights, which look like beautiful paper lanterns, are unique in their design and have quickly found their way into the homes of many homeowners across the world.

The Story behind Suspended Formakami Lighting

Formakami’s Suspension lights are designed to be lightweight and beautiful. They are inspired by the traditional Japanese art of paper making. In Japan, paper is made using a combination of natural fibers from plants like the mulberry, gampi, and mitsumata trees. These fibers are combined with water, then mixed and formed into sheets of beautiful paper. The Formakami Suspension lights were created as an ode to the texture, strength, and beauty of traditional Japanese paper.

The Making of Formakami Suspension Lights

The Formakami Suspension lights are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Japan. The process is time-consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail. The light’s intricate structure is crafted using bamboo ribbing, which gives it its unique shape. Layers of traditional Japanese paper are then added on top of the bamboo structure to create the light’s delicate appearance.

Formakami’s Suspension lights come in a range of sizes, from small pendants to large chandeliers. Each light is unique in its design, with no two lights being exactly the same. The Formakami Suspension lights are not just beautiful, but they are also eco-friendly. The lights are made from natural materials and are biodegradable.

The Benefits of Formakami Suspension Lights

Apart from their stunning beauty, Formakami Suspension lights have a number of benefits. For one, they are perfect for adding warmth and ambiance to any room. The lights emit a soft and warm glow that creates a relaxing atmosphere. The lights are also versatile and can be used in almost any space, from the living room to the bedroom.

Another benefit of Formakami Suspension lights is their energy-efficiency. The lights use LED bulbs that are incredibly energy-efficient and can last for years without needing to be replaced. The lights also come in a range of brightness levels, allowing you to choose the perfect level of brightness for your needs.

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