The Timeless Elegance of PH5 Lamp by Louis Poulsen


Louis Poulsen is a renowned manufacturer of architectural and decorative lighting fixtures. Among their iconic designs is the PH5 Lamp, which has been popular since its inception in 1958. This article explores the timeless elegance of the PH5 Lamp and its contribution to the design world.

The Design

The PH5 Lamp was designed by Poul Henningsen, a Danish architect, and designer, whose work is widely recognized and celebrated. The lamp is made of spun aluminum shades, which are painted in a series of pastel colors that reflect light downwards. The design of the shades, along with the varying shades of color, create an even and comfortable distribution of light that does not glare, making it suitable for any space.

The PH5 lamp’s design is not limited to the functional aspect alone. The aesthetic appeal of the lamp is what has enabled it to stand the test of time. The design of the shades is unique, as it is inspired by Poul Henningsen’s observation of the streets of Paris. It was referred to as the “Paris Lamp”, and the design was carefully crafted to suit the streets and buildings of the French capital. The design has since transcended the Parisian streets and is widely appreciated in any modern space.

Technical Aspect

The PH5 Lamp has undergone several modifications since 1958, with each modification improving the functionality of the lamp. The lamp comes in two versions, the Classic and the Mini, which have different sizes but retain the same design.

One of the most notable technical aspects of the PH5 Lamp is the way it eliminates glare. The shade’s design ensures that the light is evenly distributed, eliminating any possibility of glare. This means that the PH5 Lamp is suitable for any space, from a home office to a commercial building.

The PH5 Lamp in Interior Design

The PH5 Lamp is a statement piece in any interior space. Its design has a unique vintage feel that can create a chic and stylish ambiance in any space. Interior designers have used the PH5 Lamp in various spaces, from home offices to hotels and restaurants. The lamp works well in all settings due to its soft and diffused light, which provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

The lamp’s color options also contribute to its usefulness in interior design. The PH5 Lamp comes in a range of colors that can be customized to fit any color scheme. The lamp has also been used as a focal point in spaces, with some designers choosing to have multiple PH5 lamps in a room.

Celebrity Appeal

The PH5 Lamp has gained the attention of celebrities over the years, with some making it their go-to lamp for their homes. Notably, the PH5 Lamp has been featured in the home of the famous Danish author, Helle Helle. It has also been used in a range of films, including “The Royal Tenenbaums.” This appeal to high-profile individuals underscores its timeless elegance.

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