Unleashing the Imagination Through Laurent Chehere’s Captivating Flying Houses


Laurent Chehere is a French photographer and artist who has gained worldwide recognition for his captivating series of flying houses. His unique style of art has been the center of attention among art enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Chehere’s artwork has been showcased in various exhibitions and galleries across the globe, and it is not difficult to see why.

The Concept behind the Flying Houses

The concept behind Chehere’s flying houses is simple – he captures ordinary buildings and homes but turns them into magical objects, free from the constraints of gravity, and floating high in the sky. The houses are suspended in mid-air, connected only by thin and tenuous cables or tethered to hot air balloons or giant kites.

During his travels through different parts of France and other countries, Chehere found the inspiration for his art by photographing dilapidated or rundown buildings, which he then transforms into unique works of art.

The Photographic Process

Chehere’s artistic process involves a combination of photography, digital manipulation, and painting. He shoots his images from different angles, utilizing various lenses and filters, to capture the full essence of the buildings. He then selects the best shots, which he modifies through digital manipulation, adding the desired elements, such as balloons or kites, to create the illusion of flight. Finally, he paints in the details using an electronic tablet, giving life to the final product.

The Significance of Chehere’s Flying Houses

Chehere’s flying houses have captured the imagination of many, and there is a reason why his artwork is becoming increasingly popular over time. His work takes something ordinary, such as a dilapidated building or a rundown roadside cafĂ©, and turns it into something extraordinary. It speaks to the power of human imagination, reminding us that there is beauty in everything, and that with the right eyes, we can see things that others may not.

Additionally, his art is a testament to the power of creativity, and how it can turn something mundane into something spectacular. It encourages people to think outside the box, to let their imaginations run free, and to challenge the status quo.

The Impact of Chehere’s Art

Since Chehere began showcasing his work, it has had a profound impact on many. It has redefined what can be considered as art and has encouraged people to push their boundaries, to create works of art that are unconventional, yet undeniably breathtaking.

His artwork has provided a much-needed break from the mundane art that is often showcased in traditional galleries, and it has allowed people to experience art in an entirely new dimension. Additionally, by highlighting the beauty of dilapidated buildings and homes, he has inspired people to look beyond the surface, to see the potential in everything, and to preserve the beauty that is often overlooked.

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