What Does an Orb Look Like: Unraveling the Mystery of These Mysterious Balls of Light


When it comes to paranormal phenomena, orbs have been a subject of fascination and debate for a long time. Orbs are mysterious balls of light that are often captured in photographs, videos, and even by the naked eye. There are countless explanations for what these orbs could be, ranging from dust and moisture to ghosts and spirits. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what orbs look like and explore some of the theories surrounding these enigmatic anomalies.

What Do Orbs Look Like?

Orbs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Most commonly, they appear as small, round balls of light that seem to hover in the air or glide across surfaces. Orbs can be transparent, opaque, or iridescent, and their colors can range from white and yellow to pink and blue. Some orbs appear solid and well-defined, while others seem to be diffused or have a fuzzy outline.

Theories About Orbs

There are many theories about what orbs are and what they signify. Some people believe that orbs are simply the result of reflections, dust, or moisture that appear in photographs and videos. According to this theory, orbs are not paranormal in nature, but rather a mundane and explainable phenomenon.

Other individuals, however, argue that orbs are a manifestation of ghostly activity. They believe that orbs are physical evidence of the presence of spirits who have not yet crossed over into the afterlife. Some paranormal investigators use orbs as a way to detect and communicate with spirits, citing changes in the intensity, color, and movement of the orbs as indicative of a specific message or presence.

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