Fascinating Illumination: The Beauty of Chandelier Flos


Chandeliers have been used for centuries to illuminate grand spaces such as ballrooms, palaces, and churches. With their elegant designs and sparkling lights, chandeliers have become synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Among the many chandelier brands, Flos stands out for its unique and innovative designs that blend art and technology. In this article, we will explore the beauty of chandelier Flos and its history, design philosophy, and notable works.

History of Flos

Flos was founded in 1962 in Italy by Dino Gavina, a visionary entrepreneur, and two designers, Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. The goal of Flos was to create lighting fixtures that combined artistic creativity and technical innovation. The company soon became known for its avant-garde designs that challenged conventional notions of lighting. Some of the most iconic Flos designs include the Arco lamp, the Parentesi lamp, and the Taccia lamp.

In 1971, Flos acquired Arteluce, a historical lighting company founded by Gino Sarfatti in 1939. With this acquisition, Flos became the custodian of an important legacy of Italian lighting design. Flos continued to expand its portfolio by collaborating with renowned designers such as Philippe Starck, Jasper Morrison, and Antonio Citterio.

Design Philosophy of Flos

The design philosophy of Flos is based on the idea of “form follows function,” which means that the form of a design should be determined by its intended function. However, Flos also believes that form and function are inseparable and that a successful design should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Flos designers are encouraged to experiment with new materials, techniques, and shapes to create lighting fixtures that are both innovative and user-friendly. Flos products are also known for their attention to detail, such as the way a wire is concealed or the way a bulb is positioned to prevent glare.

Notable Works of Flos Chandeliers

Flos has created many memorable chandeliers that have become true icons of contemporary design. One of the most striking examples is the Skygarden chandelier designed by Marcel Wanders. The Skygarden features a dome-shaped diffuser that is reminiscent of a classical ceiling medallion. The diffuser is made of plaster and is surrounded by a metal frame in either black or white. The chandelier emits a soft and diffused light that creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Another famous Flos chandelier is the IC Lights designed by Michael Anastassiades. The IC Lights feature a series of spherical glass diffusers that are balanced on slender metal rods. The balance between the delicate glass and the sturdy metal creates a mesmerizing effect of weightlessness.


Flos chandeliers are not only functional light fixtures but also works of art that transform spaces and elevate the senses. Flos’ commitment to innovative design, high quality, and attention to detail has made it one of the most respected brands in the lighting industry. Whether you prefer a classic or a contemporary style, Flos offers a wide range of chandeliers that can suit any taste and enhance any space.

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