Bubble Pendant: A modern twist on classic jewelry


When it comes to jewelry, there are timeless classics that never go out of style. However, jewelry trends also evolve over time, with new styles emerging as current favorites. One jewelry item that has captured the interest of jewelry enthusiasts in recent years is the bubble pendant.

What is a Bubble Pendant?

A bubble pendant is a type of necklace that features a round or oval-shaped glass locket, often filled with liquid and small, colorful beads or charms that move around inside the locket. The liquid and beads or charms create a striking visual effect, giving the appearance of bubbles floating around inside the pendant.

Bubble pendants come in various sizes and styles, from minimalist designs with just a few beads or charms, to more elaborate ones with intricate designs and a wide array of colors.

The Appeal of Bubble Pendants

What makes bubble pendants so appealing is their unique visual appeal. They are fun, lighthearted, and playful, and they add a pop of color and sparkle to any outfit. They are versatile, too, and suit both casual and dressed-up looks.

Bubble pendants also appeal to those who enjoy DIY projects, as it is possible to make these pendants at home with the right materials and some creativity. This makes them an attractive option for anyone looking to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

History of Bubble Pendants

Bubble pendants have been around for several years now, and their popularity shows no signs of waning. Their exact origin is unclear, but it is believed that they first gained popularity in the early 2000s.

Their rise in popularity coincides with the growth of social media, where photos of influencers and celebrities wearing bubble pendants have helped to fuel their popularity. They have also become a popular option for bridesmaids’ gifts and other special occasions.

How to Style Bubble Pendants

Bubble pendants can be styled in various ways, and their versatility makes them an attractive option for anyone looking to add a pop of color or sparkle to their outfit.

For a casual look, pair a simple bubble pendant with a t-shirt and jeans or a sundress for a fun, summery look. For a more dressed-up occasion, choose a more elaborate pendant with intricate designs and colors that complement your outfit.

Bubble pendants also look great when paired with other pieces of jewelry, such as earrings or bracelets. Just be sure not to go overboard, as the pendant will likely be the focal point of your look.

Where to Buy Bubble Pendants

Bubble pendants are available from a wide range of retailers, both online and in-store. Online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon have a vast selection of bubble pendants, including customizable options that allow you to choose the size, color, and design of your pendant.

If you prefer to shop in-store, many jewelry stores, boutiques, and department stores carry bubble pendants. Be sure to try on different styles and sizes to find one that suits your personal style and comfort level.


Bubble pendants are a modern twist on classic jewelry that appeal to those who are looking for something fun, lighthearted, and unique. Their versatility makes them an ideal option for both casual and dressed-up looks, and their DIY potential makes them an attractive option for anyone looking to create their own unique piece of jewelry. If you haven’t already, consider giving bubble pendants a try – you might just fall in love with their playful charm.

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