The most popular Nordic lounge chairs in 2022

In the past two years, the “lying” culture has become popular. In the past, there was “Ge You Lie”, which was well-known in China, and then there was “Norway Lie”,it means the Nordic lounge chairs, which swept the home furnishing market and swept white-collar workers all over the world.

If you don’t know “Norway Lying” yet, and if you want to know the mystery behind its popularity, then you must read this article.

What is Nordic lounge chairs?

Speaking of Norway, I have to mention IMG.

IMG Nordic lounge chairs is a comfortable chair brand owned by Ekornes ASA, a Norwegian national treasure reclining chair company. Its fellow “brother” is STRESSSLESS, known as “the most comfortable chair in the world”. Because of the same comfort genes and excellent blood, they are affectionately called by everyone. It is called “Size S”.

It is precisely because of the infinite comfortable experience, fashion and comfortable trend brought by IMG, as well as the brand proposition of letting go of one’s body and feeling nature, that the new term “Norway lying” was born, which has not only become the unique secret of happiness for Norwegians, but also accompanied by Nordics. The cultural trend of simplicity, comfort and nature has swept the world.

In August last year, Qumei Home Furnishing completed the tender offer for Ekornes ASA, a Norwegian listed company, and became the controlling shareholder of Ekornes by holding 90.5% of the shares of Ekornes through its subsidiary. In December 2018, IMG officially entered the Chinese market, and Norway was popular in China.

By creating an online and offline integrated marketing system with a new retail model, as of August 30, IMG has deployed 460 offline experience stores, has more than 2000+ Norwegian life butlers, and has cooperated with many well-known home furnishing brands and cross-border brands .

I don’t know since when, when it comes to Northern Europe, everyone always has an envious tone. The yearning for the Nordic life concept has also been implanted into the daily household needs by the Chinese. Nordic style design has become a current home furnishing trend, but liking and following it does not mean that you really understand the essence of Nordic home furnishing.

In Norway and even northern Europe, EKORNES products have become an indispensable part of the lives of local residents. For example, in Norway, which has a population of more than 5 million, EKORNES has sold more than 1 million reclining chairs, and almost every family has Nordic lounge chairs.

The belief of Nordic lounge chairs from IMG Norway

“IMG Norway Lying” can quickly become popular in China, thanks to the fact that it is a brand with pure Nordic origin from origin, design, and manufacturing process. home.

Nordic lounge chairs has the belief of closeness between man and nature

Northern Europe has a winding coastline that constitutes a unique fjord scenery, one of the most forested areas, and the pure natural scenery makes people linger. The special geographical location makes the Nordic style focus on the organic and scientific combination between man and nature, society and the environment.

The Nordic style is famous for its simplicity. The embellishments are distinguished by lines and color blocks. The grid is reflected on the furniture, resulting in Nordic lounge chairs that does not use carvings and patterns.

IMG Nordic lounge chairs inherits the Nordic fashion and simple design concept. Through comfortable and natural curves, neat lines and highly textured solid-color leather, it creates a “Beautiful Nordic Landscape”. Its flagship Norwegian blue is rated as the most beautiful Happy colors.

Whether it is an office or a home, whether it is a living room, a study, or a bedroom, the IMG recliner will become a comfortable and beautiful scenery, bringing people the pleasure of body and mind.

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