3 Best Points To Tell You Whether The IMG Recliner Is Worth Buying

In the home furnishing industry, new brands, new products, and new concepts are emerging one after another.

The main reason is that, based on the unique Scandinavian technology, it combines comfort, functionality, quality and design, and is cost-effective, making it the best choice for light luxury and fashionable homes.

1.The IMG Recliner Is Comfortable

Far better than the sofa In home life, the sofa is the most frequently used furniture besides the bed, and many people call it the “second bed”. But after experiencing the IMG reclining chair, I believe you will exclaim, “It’s even more comfortable than a sofa?!”

After all, the extraordinary fit and comfort created for each part of the body are naturally far better than ordinary sofas!

Head – Freely adjust the leaning angle, let the head completely relax The reclining chair originally exists for relaxation and decompression.

Unlike traditional recliners with simple structure and single function, the IMG recliner has an adjustable headrest system that allows the user’s head and neck to find a comfortable position for optimal support no matter what position they are in.

Backrest – conforms to the curve, achieves a comfortable zero-load state IMG has a comfortable seat self-adjusting reclining function, when we lie down, the silent reclining mechanical structure.
The backrest angle can be adjusted for the customer simply by simply passing the body weight, and it can automatically stretch to the most comfortable and relaxed zero-load state of the lower back.

Eight Supporting Points-Let every part of the body feel like lying on the cloud Based on ingenious black technology, the IMG recliner has created eight supporting points that fit the body curve.

Head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, legs, feet, so that the pressure of each part of the body is evenly distributed to the massage chair, the whole body is comfortable and light, bringing a high degree of relaxation to our body and mind.

The first layer of cowhide – the touch is also metaphysical. The contact surface of the IMG chaise longue is made of first-layer cowhide, which is expensive and complicated in craftsmanship. However, after precise computer cutting and high-end technical processing, it is soft, moist and elastic to the touch, creating a skin-like touch. close.

2.The IMG Recliner Is From functionality to intelligence

While pursuing comfort, IMG endows the IMG recliner with more functionality and intelligence.

360 degree rotation – smooth and free rotation IMG has good mobility, you can rotate 360 ​​degrees to your ideal position without getting up, and the rotating structure is smooth, flexible and extremely firm.

Two Pedal Designs – Make Your Legs Feel Easier Legs and feet support the full weight of the body, and a pedal that helps relieve fatigue and soreness is a must.

On the other hand, the pedals and the back of the smart touch electric chair are independent of each other. The pedals will not be opened when the back is leaning back. Only when the legs are lifted up, the pedals will be opened.

3.Light luxury, simplicity, fashion, enough stunning!

Scandinavian style emphasizes that in any space, there is always a visual center. And the dominant player in this center is color. In addition, simplicity, directness, functionality and closeness to nature are also distinctive features of Nordic style,it reflects in The IMG recliner.

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