2 Most Popular Balcony Arrangement Methods

If the balcony is small, how should it be arranged to have an atmosphere? You can try these two ideas.

1.French balcony

If your balcony is so small that you can barely straighten your feet when sitting. Then you might as well learn “French small balcony”.

Cantilevered mini balconies are actually a feature of French architecture. The general French-style balcony is small in size and shallow in depth. It is also called a one-step balcony.

But the French people who love life did not waste this small balcony. A pot of flowers, a chair, and a square table will have a kind of lazy and idle comfort.

So the main pieces of furniture you need are: foldable seats or small round tables, green plants, soft cushions and blankets.

2.Balcony tatami

For many small-sized households, the indoor use area is limited, and tatami can make the space realize various functions such as guest room, study, storage, leisure and so on. If there is no need to dry clothes on the room, then tatami is also a great choice.

As the saying goes, a thousand people read a book and there are a thousand Hamlets, and a thousand people have a thousand ways to open a tatami in their hearts.

Let’s take a look at it for you. The lifting platform realizes the multi-purpose of one room. The tatami lifting platform can realize the characteristics of multi-purpose in one room, which meets the needs of most modern families.

When the lift table is raised, the place can be instantly transformed into a good place for chatting, drinking tea, playing cards and chess with friends… By lowering the lift table, it can be used as a children’s play place or a small guest room.

Half the space of the balcony is made into a tatami leisure area. In my spare time, I invite a few friends to drink tea and chat here. Life is so beautiful.

The water pipe shelf is installed on the wall, which can be concealed and stored, avoiding the single harmony and fun of the blank wall.

The modern Chinese-style balcony tatami decoration design is more unique, and the natural wood texture adds a bit of elegance to the corner.

The combination of tatami and desk with desk and bookcase is as harmonious as beer with fried chicken on a snowy day! Combining balcony tatami with desk and bookcase can become very powerful.

Nordic style wooden sofa, with black and brown classic coffee table. The warm-colored chandeliers make the whole space look elegant and stylish.

Next to the sofa was originally a balcony, but it was transformed into a tatami. In an instant, it felt like there was an extra room in the house.

Shelves and storage cabinets are installed on the wall on the tatami side, and some green plants are placed. It not only enhances the storage function, but also beautifies the space.

Powerful storage function Tatami with powerful storage function makes the space more clean and tidy. In addition to the outer drawers, a large area of ​​storage space is hidden.

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