4 Warmest Ways to Keep Your Balcony Warm in Winter

In winter, especially for those without heating, how can you play freely on the balcony!

1.Stick explosion-proof insulation film on the balcony

This kind of film is made of special polyester film as the base material, coated with various high-reflectivity metal or metal oxide coatings, and pressed by a special process, which is both light-transmitting and heat-insulating.

Since the metal spray layer of the thermal insulation film can reflect and absorb more than 80% of infrared rays, it can effectively prevent the outdoor high temperature from entering the room.

In addition, it can prevent natural damage and man-made damage, effectively fix the glass in place, explosion-proof and shock-resistant, very safe.

2.Install electric ceiling on the balcony

It is easy to operate, not only has a decorative effect, but also can block wind and rain. It can be made of bamboo curtains, which can be rolled up and down or retracted, and the parts and angles can be adjusted according to needs.

Because of the use of digital remote control, with the transmission device, the operation is easy and comfortable, and it can be carried out indoors without opening the window.

3.Insulation coating on the glass of the balcony

There is a transparent glass thermal insulation coating, which only needs to be coated with a thickness of a few microns to make the outdoor temperature difference reach about 6 degrees, the shielding of infrared rays can reach 86%, the shielding of ultraviolet rays can reach 99%, and the transmittance of visible light can reach 80%.

Under normal circumstances, even if the air conditioner is not turned on, the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer can be achieved.

4.Install blackout curtains on the balcony

Sunshade curtains are commonly used in real life. They reflect strong sunlight into the room in the form of diffused light, effectively preventing the invasion of outdoor heat flow.

At the same time, it makes the indoor light bright and not dazzling, extends people’s living space from indoor to outdoor, conveys a new way of life, and creates a casual living space.

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