The Best Buying Tips for Tatami Mats You Can’t Miss in 2022

Tatami, as the C representative of the fresh design style, has gained a large number of fans in China in recent years. The polarization of word-of-mouth is also very serious, and there is an overwhelming debate on the Internet. Whether or not to install it at home has become the confusion of many friends~

So today I’m going to take everyone to find out whether or not to install it at home.

First of all, it is not a panacea, and it is not suitable for all families. “Recommendations that only talk about functions and do not talk about usage scenarios are deceptive.”

Several combinations must be understood.

01 – bay window tatami

The premise is that the home type has a bay window. Only in this way can a tatami leisure and entertainment area be matched. If there is no bay window, don’t consider it.

02 – bedroom tatami

It is generally suitable for smaller rooms. It is used instead of the bed, and the box can also store items. Of course, it is limited to rooms with a small area. If there is only a large room but no small room at home, it is recommended to make a wardrobe~

03 – Balcony Tatami

It is suitable for families with more than two balconies. If there is only one balcony in the home and it is also used for drying clothes, it must not be made of it.

04 – study tatami

If you are tired and sleepy from overtime at home at night, you can lie down in the study room. Of course, the premise is that there is a study room at home.

05 – Multifunctional tatami

Suitable for families with larger units and more rooms. If the study, children’s room, master bedroom, secondary bedroom, and guest room are all set up, and there are extra rooms, you can consider multi-functional tatami at this time. Can be used as a storage room, can also be used as a recreational area, etc.~

Not recommended usage scenarios:

01 – Climate

Tatami mats are more suitable for areas with a drier climate, such as areas with high humidity, such as rainy areas or areas near the sea or lake. After all, in the rainy season, the clothes in the wardrobe can grow hairy, and the closed box will only be a breeding ground for mold growth. If the material is MDF, the probability of appearance deformation is very high.

Of course, this is not absolute. For example, families that turn on air conditioners and dehumidifiers 365 days a year can still choose.

02 – Ground Floor

If your home is on the ground floor, or you are considering installing tatami in the basement, and your home is still in the south, I beg you to let go of your wallet.

03 – floor heating

If you have floor heating at home, it is recommended to choose it carefully. If you have to choose it, do not place items in the tatami box on days when floor heating is used.

Because the temperature of floor heating is relatively high in winter, the items placed in the tatami will be heated for 3-4 months, and there is a high probability that they will turn yellow and deform.

04 – Weight

For small partners who weigh more than 100 kg, it is recommended not to choose tatami. The main problem is the structure of the it. The accumulated use of it by the heavier partners will slightly increase the probability of the deformation of the tatami.

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