The best detailed tatami buying tips in 2022

Today, let’s talk about how to buy tatami


The choice of tatami floor is generally made of wood, but there are many kinds of wood, and the price is very different. Generally speaking, the price is relatively high, solid wood, followed by finger joint board and large core board, plywood and MDF are the cheapest. .


Appropriately, the height of the platform can be selected according to the height of the house at home. The height of the platform is generally between 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm and 45 cm. Generally, few people do more than 50 cm. , if there are special needs.

If you have children at home and want to customize it on the balcony, it is recommended that you choose about 10 cm.

3.Identify the good and bad appearance of tatami

Flat and straight tatami is better, but loose one is not good. On the surface, green, tight and evenly tight one with hands tucked in the middle is better. Yellow, there are jumping grass, and it is not suitable for those with creases.

Precautions when customizing tatami:

01 – Dimensions

The size of the tatami is recommended to be customized according to the space. Another thing to pay attention to is the height. Generally, the height of it is in the range of 35cm-45cm. If the height of the room at home is lower than 2.7m, the height of it should be controlled below 40cm, so that you will not feel depressed.

General length: 1700-2100mm
The general width: 900-1500mm
General height of: 350-400mm
The general size of the lifting table is 800800310mm

02 – Plate

The tatami board must choose the authentic board of the big brand. Generally speaking, the national standard E1 level is enough, and the enterprise standard E0 level is better.

03 – Hardware

The board determines the health, and the hardware determines the service life of the it, so the money for the hardware cannot be saved, so you must choose a big brand~

04 – Waterproof

Balcony or bay window tatami must pay attention to waterproofing~

05 – socket

Sockets should be reserved around the tatami to facilitate the use of electricity later. Especially for those who are going to choose an electric lift table, be sure to reserve a socket for the lift table. If you want to create a space, you must choose the right one.

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