The Best Guide to Building a Perfect Kitchen in 2022

The most regrettable thing for 95% of home improvement: who knows who cooks!

Today,I will lead you to find out how to build a perfect kitchen.

When decorating, the kitchen is not only the most laborious, but also the most budget-intensive area. But who wants to get the kitchen decoration to become the “hardest hit area” in home improvement!

The cabinets are full of debris, things are hidden too deep and never opened. It was not until the kitchen was cleaned that it was found that it was expired and moldy. When I washed the pot, I found that the sink was not big enough, and the water splashed on my clothes. There is a lamp installed in the kitchen, and the light is always blocked by his “tall” body. Without taking into account the petite figure, the hanging cabinet is too high to take things out of reach.

This issue of “Home Improvement Guide” is specially prepared for cooks to create a kitchen that really works! This is how you can make delicious meals~

If the cabinet is only designed for aesthetics and ignores the scientific operation line, there will be a lot of inconvenience in the long-term use in the future.

Therefore, if you want to “save effort” in the kitchen, you must first consider the moving line in the design.

Kitchen shapes cannot escape these:

  • long and narrow type I
  • Founder Type II
  • More scientific L shape
  • Reasonable and efficient U shape

The shape of the kitchen is usually difficult to change, and it is basically decided at the beginning of the decoration or when the floor plan is obtained. But it is not difficult to adjust to “reasonable moving line”.

It is important to remember that the order of the countertops determines the rationality of the moving lines.

A scientific and reasonable layout must be: refrigerator/storage area-sink-processing area-stovetop, according to these four important areas, designed in this order, in order to ensure the rationality of the kitchen moving line.

L-shaped layout

It is a narrow and long apartment, the washing area is kept dry by the window, and the cooking area is kept away from the air outlet.

U-shaped kitchen

It is spacious and bright, and the countertops are arranged in strict accordance with the order of “picking vegetables – washing vegetables – cutting vegetables – cooking”; there is no sense of restraint, and there is enough freedom and openness in the cooking process.

tip: In addition, events that occur at a certain location are associated with the items to be used. For example, hanging knives and spoons next to the chopping board, setting aside a 30 cm drain rack beside the sink, etc., are still the applications with the “shortest moving line”!

Countertop heights can vary!

The height of the kitchen countertops of ordinary families is between 80-90cm, but can Goose, Yao Ming and Pan Changjiang use the same height countertops?

There is a simple calculation formula: height รท 2+510cm, which is the most comfortable countertop height, remember to use the height of the person who uses the kitchen most often to calculate it.

The height of the countertop should also be different in different areas. The arms will be raised when cooking, and the arms will be lowered when washing dishes.

So the sink and worktop should be higher, and the cooking area should be lower. These countertop heights must be related to the height of the person who cooks frequently. (Repeat again! Emphasize)

The high and low countertops are easy to use, but the process will be more complicated and the cost will increase. Everyone decides according to their own situation.

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