2 Best points to Improve Your Kitchen in 2022

When decorating, the kitchen is not only the most laborious, but also the most budget-intensive area. But who wants to get the kitchen decoration to become the “hardest hit area” in home improvement!

This issue teaches you how to create a really useful kitchen!

01 – Kitchen hanging cabinet

Chopping vegetables, washing dishes and knocking your head? Something too high to reach?

Are your wall cabinets installed correctly?

The kitchen wall cabinet is installed high, which is inconvenient to take things; installed low, not only obstructs the vision, but also bends and kowtows is a common occurrence…

Usually, finished cabinets are designed to a fixed size, which is very unreasonable and irresponsible! The layout of kitchen cabinets should be planned according to the actual situation of the kitchen.

Generally, the position of the hanging cabinet is better to pull up 1.55 meters to 1.60 meters from the ground. If it is lower than 1.5 meters, it will not only affect the kitchen operation space, it is easy to bump into each other, and the kitchen will appear cramped and depressed.

The design of the wall cabinet must meet two conditions:

  • The hanging cabinet is generally divided into two grids, and the things in the lower grid should be easily handled by a person with a height of 1.6 meters.
  • Also consider tall (1.8 meters male) when washing vegetables and cutting vegetables, do not meet.

After repeated tests, the best size is that the thickness of the hanging cabinet is generally 300-350mm.

By increasing the depth of the cabinet operation table, the height of the hanging cabinet is further reduced, and the conflict between the use of the hanging cabinet and the operating space of the work area is better balanced.

This wall cabinet can be said to be inspired by the side extractor hood. The original top range hood will always meet, but the side suction will not. The idea of ​​​​the hanging cabinet is also the same. If you make an inclined surface, the height of the hanging cabinet can be lowered, and you don’t have to worry about blocking the line of sight or meeting your head.

On the surface, the internal space of the inclined wall cabinet is smaller than that of the traditional wall cabinet, and there are many less things, but it is not.

Because the inclined wall cabinet can be made lower and closer to the operating table, as long as the slope of the wall cabinet is designed properly, it will not touch the head during operation, and the position of the wall cabinet will be lower. It is more convenient for daily use. Commonly used items are placed on the bottom, and less commonly used items are placed on the top. Compared with traditional hanging cabinets, inclined hanging cabinets will be used more frequently.

Tips: If it is difficult to access items on the upper level of the hanging cabinet, you can hand it over to the “lifting hanging cabinet basket” for processing. With it, as long as you can reach the middle/lower part of the wall cabinet, you can easily access all the contents in the cabinet. It should be noted that the “hanging cabinet basket” is limited by the size of the hanging cabinet. When purchasing, you must first determine the size of the hanging cabinet.

The price is relatively high because of the guarantee of service life and flexibility. Generally speaking, it is enough to install one or two, and put some things that are usually used. If you don’t use it very much, you can put it in the cabinet. When you need it, it’s a big deal to move a stool.

2.Utilize the drawer for more convenience

Most of the cabinets are designed with open doors, and simple partitions are used inside the cabinets. After using it, I found out that the cabinet would soon be stuffed into a mess, and the things hidden in the depths of the cabinet were always forgotten. Every time I go to the kitchen, I find those expired and moldy ingredients.

The kitchen is a “grocery store”, and the cabinets are designed with enough drawers to be more practical!

On the one hand, it is convenient for the classification and storage of sundries, which is convenient for viewing. On the other hand, the pull-out design can easily take out the items hidden in the depths, which is convenient for daily item management.

Of course, the more drawers, the bigger the better. It depends on the actual needs. Although drawers are easy to use, they are indeed more expensive than ordinary cabinets + partitions. For the average occupant on a budget, a small but efficient configuration of drawers is key.

  • Strive to configure 2~3 drawers
  • Optimize the internal storage of the drawer with thin partitions.

For example, some small seams in the corners of the base cabinet can be made into a narrow pull-out cabinet, and some chopsticks, spatulas and other things can be placed. For the drawer where the cutlery is placed, it is recommended to make a compartment or buy some separation tools to put the cutlery in different categories.

The “chicken rib”-like corner area in the kitchen can be blessed with a uniquely shaped corner drawer. Small items such as tableware, kitchen utensils, etc. can be placed in the drawer, and the items are also very convenient to carry.

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