The most popular “chubby chairs” in 2022

Do you know which “chubby chairs” are popular in 2022?

01 SOL series

The whole gives people a slightly retro color atmosphere, which can create a quite pleasant sense of space when matched with various design products.

The natural minimalist shape is very comfortable and gives a rather natural feel. The combination of natural materials and simple design makes the whole series reveal a strong sense of beauty.

02 Hortensia Petal Chair

Everyone may know that IKEA product manuals are 3D rendered. Argentine designer Andrés Reisinger was also one of the IKEA manual designers. He used software to design a pink petal chair, which was published in ELLE magazine along with other real furniture.

However, he made it a reality. It is said that there are 20,000 petals on each chair, and it takes about 3 months to make one. The first actual version of the chair is on display at the Montoya Gallery in Barcelona.

03 Palau Chair

Inspired by the sinuous shape of the Gallura rocks, eroded and shaped by the constant action of strong winds, framing the Sardinian landscape.

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