How to choose a best soymilk maker in 2022

1.Grinding method

The grinding method is directly related to the fineness of the soy milk, that is, the taste. At present, there are two main grinding methods of soymilk machine: mesh grinding and meshless grinding.

With mesh grinding:

It means that there is a stainless steel grain refiner with holes on the outside of the cutter head. When grinding, the beans will be sucked into the grain refiner and ground in a small space, thereby improving the fineness of grinding.

The advantage is that the soy milk has a delicate taste, less bean dregs, and the blunt knife design does not hurt the hand.

The disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive, starting at 400, it is not convenient to clean, and it is easy to have dead ends.

Meshless Grinding:

This is the grinding method used by most soymilk machines. There is no refiner on the periphery of the cutter head, and the grinding effect is mainly achieved by the sharp cutter head and the rotational speed. Generally, the price is relatively low, and it is easy to clean, but it is easy to hurt hands when cleaning, and the lifespan is relatively short.

2.soymilk maker Heating method

The earliest heat pipe heating method has been eliminated, and now the heating is done on the chassis or the wall of the cup.

Chassis heating:

The chassis heating machine is generally a double-layer cup body. After heating, the heat is evenly exported through the double-layer stainless steel partition. The whole cup body heats the soy milk, and the soy milk is more fragrant.

The vast majority of them on the market use chassis heating. The advantage is that it tastes good and the price is relatively cheap. The disadvantage is that the heating speed is fast and the bottom is easy to paste.

Stereo heating:

Compared with the chassis heating, the three-dimensional heating has more velvet on the wall of the cup, which actually only affects the heating speed. There are many shortcomings, it is not recommended to buy, the heating tube is easy to break, the heating is uneven, and it is not easy to clean.


0.8L-1.1L (3 people and below): If you are alone or for a couple, it is recommended to choose a soymilk maker with this capacity.

1.2L-1.3L (4-5 people): This capacity is suitable for families with more people, and there are more models to choose from.

1.4L and above (more than 5 people): The above two are actually enough. Large-capacity soymilk may affect electricity consumption, cleaning, and storage. It is not recommended to buy.

In addition to the above three points, the common functions in this part are for your reference when purchasing.


One of the most important functions of the soymilk maker is to make an appointment, which allows you to soak the beans at night and drink hot soymilk in the morning. When buying a soymilk machine, it is recommended to do it in one step, choose one with an appointment of about 10 hours, it is more convenient to use, and you don’t need to get up early to cook soymilk.

The essence of a soymilk machine is to make soymilk. We have also seen that the current soymilk machine has many functions, such as rice paste, juice, automatic cleaning, reservation, etc., but the same is true. In the final analysis, we want to make soymilk.

Although these auxiliary functions are tempting, they will be raised by the price. You must not be impulsive, think clearly and then consume, and do not spend more for the functions that you will not need in the future.

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