2 Best Reasons Why You Should Buy A Soymilk Maker?

01 – Is the soymilk maker worth buying?

First of all, whether a soymilk maker is worth buying or not depends largely on personal needs. Because before buying, many people are afraid that it will cause waste and occupy space.

Its benefits are of course needless to say. Make a cup of hot soy milk in the morning to warm your stomach all day long.

If it is a whim and thinks that there should be a machine at home, or you are not sure whether you need a soymilk machine, you can temporarily not buy it.

Wait for half a month to see if the desire to buy a maker is still so strong, if so, buy it!

02——Which brand of soymilk maker is good?

Like all other electrical appliances, the soymilk maker has some of the best in the industry. It made by such brands are still very reliable. After all, they have been studied in this industry for a long time and have been tested in the market for many years.

Professional brand machines have certain requirements for technical content. Whether it is the quality of material selection, motors, knives, filters, and computer control systems, strict inspections are carried out. Not only the product is safe to use, but also the quality of the its produced.

Whether it is market share or the ranking of hot-selling makers, Joyoung soymilk makers have absolute advantages.

Soymilk originates from China, domestic companies have great advantages in this field, and foreign brands have little advantage in this field.

As the leader in the soymilk machine industry, Joyoung has grown from a lukewarm start to becoming the industry leader after the outbreak of SARS, and then to being robbed of a part of the market by Midea and Supor. Industry leadership.

At present, Joyoung mainly promotes three series of DJB, DJE and ready-to-drink K. Among the three series, ready-to-drink K represents the innovation direction of the industry. The appearance design has been completely changed, and it is close to the fashionable coffee machine. All series models are equipped with three-dimensional Heating method, more efficient than traditional chassis heating.

The appointment time has been upgraded to 24 hours, far exceeding the mainstream 8-hour configuration. In addition, the K61 and K1S priced at 2000-3000 yuan also support WeChat control, which is especially suitable for trendy users.

Although the ready-to-drink K series is enough to outshine all the soymilk machines on the market, Joyoung’s main product is still the traditional soymilk machine below 1,000 yuan.

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